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Governance and Compliance

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Comagine Health ESRD Alliance Network 18 Network Governance and Compliance



Board of Directors

New board members of ESRD Network 18 are elected by the Network Board of Directors through a selection process of the Board’s Nominating Committee.  All annual elections are completed no later than January 31 each year.  Board members serve staggering terms from one to three years with one-third of the board turning over each year.  There is a mandatory rotation of board members after six consecutive years. All board members serve with no compensation other than per diem for in-person board meetings.  Click HERE for our current Board of Directors roster.  If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors please contact Stephanie Hutchinson – shutchinson@comagine.org or by phone 1-888-268-1539.


Medical Review Board

The Medical Review Board (MRB)  consists of representatives of professional disciplines in ESRD care including 2 patient representatives are tasked to evaluate the quality and appropriateness of care delivered to patients with ESRD.  The Board of Directors reviews nominations and approves the membership of the Medical Review Board.  The Medical Review Board determines the terms of its membership.  Members serve without compensation.  Functions of the MRB include advising the Network on the care an appropriate placement of ESRD patients on dialysis in the Network service area, setting standards regarding physician management of patient discharges that encourages all patients be maintained in consistent dialysis care regardless of patient compliance and advising the Network on all work associated with the statement of work.  If you are interested in serving on the Medical Review Board, please contact Stephanie Hutchinson – shutchinson@comagine.org or by phone 1-888-268-1539.

Network Council

The Network Council is comprised of each Facility Representative from all dialysis facilities
in the Network service area (Southern California). 


Patient Advisory Council (PAC)

The Patient Advisory Council is an active committee of ESRD patients who volunteer their time to inform the Network and its Board about the needs of patients.  More information including how to join the PAC is located HERE.


Network Staff

Name Position
Stephanie Hutchinson, MBA Executive Director
Barbara Dommert-Breckler, RN, BSN, CNN Quality Improvement Director


Updated as of January 6, 2021

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