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People with kidney disease face important choices regarding their dialysis options and the role they play in understanding and making their care most effective. These choices are very personal and have an important influence on their quality of life. As a patient and/or family member; you are an essential partner in the effort to improve the quality and safety of healthcare. Your participation as an active member of your own health care team is an essential component of making care safer.

Network 18 provides services to ensure that ESRD beneficiaries are receiving quality care that is patient-centered and meets Federal regulations. ESRD patients have rights and options regarding their care. The Network 18 Patient Services Department is available to assist with any questions or concerns surrounding the care provided in any Medicare-certified dialysis facility or transplant center. Please review the resources on this page regarding your rights, your options to file a grievance, as well as what other services are available in the community pertaining to ESRD.

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