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Make a Difference!


Are you a dialysis or transplant patient or a caregiver/family member of a patient? Have you ever felt like your concerns were not heard, especially when you knew you could do something that would change things for the better? Have you ever had an idea, but felt reserved about sharing it or didn’t know how to go about it? Well, here is an opportunity!

We invite you to join Network 18’s Patient Advisory Committee (PAC) and share your knowledge and expertise. YES! You have unique skills and a unique understanding of the dialysis experience that no one else can impart. We need your expertise to fulfill at least two different roles; one as a direct member of the Network Governance structure (PAC) and/or as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) working directly on various quality improvement projects. As a PAC member or a SME, you are the link to promoting patient and family-centered care throughout the Network Area. What do PAC members and SMEs do? Ultimately you help Network staff understand what is important to patients, share useful ideas and experiences and represent the Network at your own dialysis facility. Your voice will count where it matters most in the care you receive or the care your loved one receives! You are the link to promoting patient-and family-centered care throughout our Network 18 region.

Here’s what current members have to say……

“I have been on dialysis for 30 years and have always tried to improve my dialysis center. While this has been great for my center, as a member of the Patient Advisory Committee I have been able to have a positive impact on dialysis centers and patients on a regional level. And it’s a wonderful feeling!”
-Wendy Skinner, PAC member, Network 18

“As a long-time kidney patient and patient advocate, the ESRD Network PAC has given me the unique opportunity to influence policy toward improving conditions and treatment for my fellow dialysis and transplant patients. Medicare supports over 80% of the dialysis and trans- plant patients in the U.S. today, and they truly want our help in making ESRD patients’ lives better. The Network PAC is the single, most effective way we can do that.”
-David L. Rosenbloom, Network 18 PAC Chairperson & Member, Board of Directors

You have unique skills and experiences that you can share with others. Take time to share your talents and ideas with other PAC members and SMEs and learn more about the things that are happening in the region to empower dialysis patients. To learn more about these roles, simply call the Network at 800-637-4767.

You can decide to make a difference!

If you are interested in joining Network 18’s PAC, please complete the attached application. Please fax it to 888-280-8669, email it to ERhodes@comagine.org.

Click here to complete an application

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