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Resources/Educational materials regarding treatment modality below:

ESRD Network 18 of Southern California

  • ESRD Treatments Additional Resource List
  • “PAC Fact #2: What is Vascular Access?” (Español)
  • Grievance Brochure- EnglishSpanish

American Association of Kidney Patients

  • Understanding Your Hemodialysis Access Options (Español)
  • Understanding Your Peritoneal Dialysis Options (Español)

Arteriovenous Fistula First

  • Conquering Your Fistula Fear
  • Fistula or Catheter: The Patient’s Perspective
  • Hemodialysis Vascular Access Flyer (Español)
  • Navigating the Vascular “SEAS”

Life Options

  • Help, I Need Dialysis Flyer

Home Dialysis Central

  • Medicare and Peritoneal Dialysis (PD)

Medical Education Institute (MEI)

  • Home Dialysis Central Postcard
  • Home Treatments Compared: Pluses & Minuses
  • Kidney School Postcard
  • Medicare 101 for People on Home Dialysis
  • Method to Assess Treatment Choices
  • What is Daily Home Hemodialysis?
  • What is Nocturnal Home Hemodialysis?
  • What is Peritoneal Dialysis?
  • What is Standard Home Hemodialysis?

National Institute of Transplantation (NIT)

  • Kidney/Pancreas Transplantation: An Option for Diabetic with Advance Kidney Disease
  • Transplantation: An Option for Advanced Kidney Disease (Español)

National Kidney Foundation

  • Choosing a Treatment for Kidney Failure
  • Peritoneal Dialysis: What You Need to Know (Español)

Northwest Renal Network

  • The Importance of Washing Your Access


  • United General Awareness: At Home at Last
  • Get the Facts
  • Introducing NxStage System One
  • The Life Changing Benefits of Daily Home Hemodialysis
  • Making Home Hemodialysis a Reality
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